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Things I’ve never seen before

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(Weird Science)

Not what teacher said to do

Makin’ dreams come true

Living tissue, warm flesh


Sometimes I wish all the horses in Attack on Titan looked different. I know that would be a total pain in the ass to do, though. 

Levi & Hanji Flirt | crack


Levi: ‘Get the windex’
Shitty Glasses: OH BBY //SPRAYS IT ON
Shitty Glasses: B)
Shitty Glasses: //seductively cleans the table
Levi: *grins AFTERWARDS*
Levi: B)
Levi: *gives you titans as foreplay*
 Shitty Glasses: //RIPS OFF SHIRT


The experiments, themselves, aren’t entirely my concern, he thought, remaining still for a second or so before falling into step behind her. His arms folded behind his back and he attempted to scatter his attention along the corridor walls, and the exterior of the castle as they entered the courtyard. But already that uncomfortable bubbling was stirring in his gut. It amplified the second the titans came into sight. 

Gunter nodded once at the guards, exhaling slowly through his nose and blinking once as he slowed to a stop a few feet behind Hanji. The exercise cleared his head again and allowed his shoulders to sink back into place. But the stirring feeling was still there… and the fact that the smaller of the two titans was staring directly at him really wasn’t helping it. 

"…—uh!" He straightened a little as he caught Hanji’s gesture. 


Eyes darted between the two titans and back to her as he again forced a deep, slow breath. They’re restrained. …but don’t get too comfortable, either. “… they look… uh. … aware,” he muttered, shaking his head at himself and taking the necessary steps to reach a spot on her right. 

"Mmm, they’ve been active a good hour or so now," she said, glancing upwards toward the sun’s position. It was slowly creeping past the castle’s ramparts, finally casting daylight into the courtyard. Gunter’s anxiousness went unnoticed as she walked around Sawney. Hopping over the ropes that bound him, she bent down to give the restraints a good tug. Satisfied that they were unmoving, the major began to make her way towards Bean. He didn’t so much as look up as she went about examining the hold on his body. Eventually she stood again, pausing to wipe her brow.

"Bean likes you~" she chirped, walking back to where we stood in wait. "Didn’t you all assist in capturing them? Maybe he remembers you!"


Always such a sight to see with her. A soft shake of the head as he leans back in his seat. Perhaps even something of a small chuckle, but nothing loud enough to be so obvious. While he would have much preferred them to be on time, the fact that she remember to bring them by was enough. He lacked the strength in him currently to reprimand, letting it instead be pushed aside and forgotten. For now, at least.

"Thank you, Hanji." A small, sweeping motion with his hand. If they truly were going to go over her plans, this would take some time. But, knowing her, it would be possibly fruitful as it would be extensive. She was always thinking: Ideas, theories, and questions. Repeated failures and a lack of answers seemed to not deter the spirit within her. A morose part of him wonders, briefly, how long it would take before even she too would crack under pressure. A small furrow of the brow, and the thought is banished from his mind. Time to focus on the now. Not the future. "Sit, and we can begin." 

Nodding, she fell with a soft sigh into the plush chair opposite of him. She supposed it was best to start with at the beginning. Sucking in a deep breath, Hanji launched into her report of the past week.

"So far we’ve only attempted to replicate the experiments of our past specimens. The majority of results we’ve been able to duplicate, but some are too varied to say either way with any certainty. Especially their activity. They all shut down eventually after dark, but the time it takes ranges wildly from individual to individual. All attempts to establish communication have been in vain." 


Of all her failures, it was perhaps that one that hurt the most. Ilse’s journal still sat in her study, the binding worn and creased from the hours she spent pouring over it. The researcher had no doubts her titans were capable of speech; after all, why would Ilse waste her final words on a lie? Receiving only silence time and time again was very nearly more frustrating than she could endure. Necessity dictated she remind herself constantly there was no use lingering on it.

"Soon we’ll be ready to move into the new material." In her excitement she began to lean forward, pushing past the disappointment. "I want to know how it is the titans find us." They were undeniably attracted to large groups of humans, but how? What was it that attracted them? "We’ll need to test each sense individually, but it’s going to be difficult to mask our smell. I ordered some chemicals from the capital, but they forms need your approval first. It’s a little dangerous, I’ll admit — but no more so than usual~" If they could figure out a way to make themselves undetectable, it would be an invaluable asset. 



A possible chain of events began to form in his head, cogs turning with the task of figuring out just what could have happened to his book. It was bound in plain brown leather. Nothing too flashy. Not to mention it merely contained old apothecary information along with sketches of plants. Surely none of the others would find that as interesting as he did? His grandfather had a copy of a book just like it stashed away at one point in time and he’d never gotten the chance to read it all the way through. Now it seemed the same was happening to this new book. Maybe it just wasn’t in the stars for him? He’d gone through so much trouble to find that book, too…


"Ah!" His gaze snapped upward at her voice, racing thoughts halting at the sight of the familiar tome in her hands. So the culprit had come to him? She appeared friendly enough. He’d seen her in passing in the past but the opportunity to actually speak with her had evaded him. 

"Yes!" He nodded, moving to stand by her side so they weren’t shouting at each other. "I left it here for just a minute…I apologize if it got in your way!" A sheepish smile crossed his lips, his hand moving to rub the back of his arm timidly, "I actually wanted to study the different kinds of plants around here because I thought it could be useful when we go beyond the walls…" 

"I’m Armin Arlert of the One Hundred and Fourth Trainee Corps." He stood at attention, arms folded across his torso in a salute that had become second-nature. "It’s an honor to finally meet you, Buntaichou!" Perhaps he was being a bit formal, but it was better to be safe than sorry. After all, his superiors deserved his respect.

"At ease," she laughed, waving away his salute with a casual flick of her wrist. Formality was something she rarely enforced (or practiced herself, for that matter).  Turning to face him, she placed one hand on her hip, using the other to hold the volume out for him to take

"A book like this will come in handy." Soldiers often forgot just how dangerous it could be to chew the wrong berry or step into the wrong bush. It was excellent foresight, the kind of thinking that was hardly prominent among the young recruits — and the kind of thinking she looked for among her own subordinates. 


"You’re one of Eren’s close friends, right?" If she remembered correctly, he’d been present at the trial. What’s more, she had heard from Trost’s tacticians that he contributed substantially to the plans for retaking the district. It wasn’t every day you found someone with such potential, willing to join the scouting legion on top of that. How lucky of her to run into him so soon!


殺害者— “Of course it fucking is, especially when they wont try to take care of themselves.” The Corporal replied, turning around to look over the room. 


殺害者— It was just as messy as it had been nights previous— If not more so with the collection of used tissues and whatever else she’d left about, “No wonder you’re sick. Look at this mess.”

Shifting backwards toward the pillow, Hanji threaded her fingers underneath her head as she laid back. “If anything, it should be messier. It helps build the immune system, you know.” 


Smiling, she sniffed again, “If you’re going to force me to lay down, the least you can do is bring my tissues,” she said, nodding towards the desk. The ones Eren gave would last her the night at least; that is, if the Corporal could bring himself to approach the nest of germs she’d festered in all afternoon. 


幹部組 by すなみ


殺害者— “If you aren’t going to listen, then I’ll make you take a break.”


殺害者— “Come on Shitty Glasses.”

Slender fingers curled around his hand, attempting in vain to secure her release. She had little choice but to follow him across the room, bent backwards, until she fell on the bed with a small “Omf”. Propping herself on her elbows, Hanji sniffed.

"That’s no way to treat a sick person."